Quick Start Guide

QQ is a moderately original Tabletop RPG, with a few distinct features:

  1. Abilities are bought piecemeal with EP, rather than earned upon leveling up.
  2. There are no turns in combat, time advances in .1 second increments called pulses.
  3. Characters are typically built with the aid of the Character Generator, an online database of every character.
  4. Everything is OP.

Abilities are organized into trees. Rather than reaching a certain level of experience and then leveling up, the player instead earns Experience Points, usually abbreviated EP, to spend on abilities from trees. This can be done at any time that the players are resting.

Trees can be thought of as tech trees are divided into three Tiers, with each tier requiring that another level of that particular tree’s passive ability be bought to unlock access to the tier. These abilities are designed to be both useful to a wide variety of play styles within the tree, and to provide a power boost that the player can feel.

When buying abilities, there is a special discount from the price called the Learning Rate. This takes your characters Attributes into account when seeing how much effort it takes to learn the Ability. The Learning Rate comes from the tree or pillars of the Ability, and the kind of skill required to master that particular tree or Pillar.

Quick Start Guide

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